Boxes for Sale

If you only require a short run and aren't fussy about the size, you should check out our stock boxes and over runs for sale

We will be offering stock boxes for purchase direct from this website sometime in the future

We are currently selling on Ebay so check out Kirkham Box Ebay Shop for more information. New sizes and quantities are added frequently so keep checking back

Sizes and styles usually available for sale in small quantities:

  • 5"x5"x5"  (128mm x 128mm x 128mm) Single Wall 0201
  • 7"x5"x5"  (178mm x 128mm x 128mm) Single Wall 0201
  • 7"x7"x5"  (178mm x 178mm x 128mm) Single Wall 0201
  • 9"x9"x9"  (230mm x 230mm x 230mm) Single Wall 0201
  • 16"x12"x12" (405mm x 305mm x 305mm) Single Wall 0201
  • 18"x18"x12" (460mm x 460mm x 305mm) Double Wall 0201
  • 308mm x 215mm x 95mm Single Wall Self Assembly 0427 Mailer
  • 410mm x 230mm x 110mm Single Wall Self Assembly 0426 Pizza Style Mailer
  • Wardrobe Box With Rail
  • Moving House Packs
  • A4 Holographic Solid Board Sheets