Box Basics

Box Dimensions

Dimensions of a box are given in the sequence of length, width and depth.
The dimensions are based on the opening; the longer side of the opening is considered its length, while the shorter side is considered the width. The side at a right angle to the length and width is considered the depth of the box.
Dimensions can be specified for either the inside or the outside of the box.
Accurate inside measurements must be determined to ensure a proper fit for the product being pack in it.
For palletising and shipping purposes, accurate outside dimensions would be needed.

How to Measure Internal Dimensions of a Box

If you already have a box that that wish us to quote you on, just follow the instructions below to ensure the right dimensions are given.
Open the box at the glue flap and lay down with the glue flap on the right and the inside of the box facing up like the diagram below.
Make sure you measure the same panels as shown below. The other panels have tolerances in them that could give a false reading.
Measure from the centre of the creases on the box.
The flap measurement is given to ensure the correct style of box is chosen and is a double check for the width of the box.

The style of the box on this diagram is an 0201 which is supplied glued at the tab.