Board Grades

Using a vast range of board grades we are able to manufacture an unlimited variety of boxes
The standard range of flutings (board thickness) are approx:

E Flute is ideal for small printed cartons that require a finer finish as the fluting is less visible.
B flute is the main fluting used as it has many grades available and is very versatile.
BC Flute is used for larger boxes that are holding heavy weights in and need added protection.

For each of these flutings that are various strengths of outer and inner paper liners available.
Which of these you choose, all depends on the weight of items to be packed in the carton.
This is why we ask for the weight of the item(s) that are being packed into the carton at quotation stage, so we can recommend the appropriate paper grade if you are unsure.
This all ensures your product / item is stored safely or reaches its destination in perfect condition.

The various strengths of the liner papers are:

125gsm, 150gsm, 200gsm and 300gsm
The weight of 1 square metre of paper equates to grams per square metre (which is abbreviated to gsm).

There are also various finishes to the liner papers.

Test, Test Liner, Kraft, Mottled (Oyster / Off White Board, White and Chip.

Each of these go to make the corrugated board specified as 200K/B/200T for example.
This means a corrugated box, made from 200gsm Kraft outer liner, B flute and 200gsm Test inner lining.

A starch (semi chem) can be added to the fluting to provide protection from moisture if the box is going to be used in fridges or freezers.

If you are unsure of the board grade your require, please tell us what finish you require i.e. brown / white / mottled.